The colours of chocolate

Excellence, passion, family tradition: these are the foundations of the Agostoni brand

, 100% Made in Italy.
The cutting edge of chocolateInnovating history. this is Agostoni.
to seek, to discover, to invent. this is Agostoni.
always striving for the best. this is Agostoni.
Agostoni is transparency
Agostoni is here and now
Agostoni, exploring people and flavours!
Agostoni: to choose means to accomplish
created for those who excel
Agostoni chocolate, never let it go
Why choose Agostoni
Italian chocolate par excellence From countries historically cradle of cocoa to one of the most futuristic plants in Italy, for a 100% Made in Italy production, with constant attention to detail and quality for the creation of a excellent chocolate able to guarantee surprising performances in each application.
A family history Three generations of the family have been working passionately to make the best quality chocolate, never losing sight of their key values: finding and selecting the finest ingredients, monitoring the production line and maintaining a sustainable approach
Only the finest origin cacao We seek out the finest and most unique aromatic profiles in our ingredients. Our cacao paste production process makes the most of the purity of the cacao to preserve its authentic flavour profile. Last, and by no means least, we strive to develop perfectly well-balanced recipes.
We monitor the entire production line Each and every stage of the production process is kept under close control: the plantation and cultivation, harvest and fermentation, drying and quality control, our own production of cacao paste and butter, and recipe development. Moreover, Agostoni provides ongoing support for professionals, offering expertise, consultancy and guidance.
Sustainable and dynamic Since the eighties, we have been working hard to maintain solid, long-lasting relationships with our farmers to safeguard biodiversity and protect the environment. Our new production facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to reduce our environmental impact and guarantee maximum food safety, excellent quality, and all-round sustainability.
Quality and Food Safety A reliable, modern and certified quality management system, according to the highest international standards in the sector. In addition to ISO 90001, our certifications include BRC and IFS, EU Organic and NOP, Kosher and Halal, Vegan and Gluten Free, Fairtrade and 100% Made in Italy.
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The Countries and Plantations of OriginFrom the research of the best raw materials and from solid and lasting relationships with the cocoa farmers, the real journey of cocoa begins, the heart of Agostoni chocolate.